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Dental Sedation

Dental sedation is a way of making you feel more at ease during treatment, whilst still being conscious and able to talk with your dentist.

It puts you into a deeply relaxed state, making you feel less anxious and removes discomfort or pain. Intravenous (IV) sedation is a method in which the sedation is administered usually in the arm, through the vein. There are many benefits for this method, especially for sufferers of dental anxiety.

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Who is suitable to receive dental sedation?

Dental sedation can be given for long, complex procedures as well as simple ones like teeth cleaning. It is often used for those who have dental anxiety.

Sedation can be used for many reasons within dentistry, including:

  • Low pain threshold.
  • A restless patient requiring a lengthy appointment.
  • Extremely sensitive teeth.
  • HIgh gag reflex

Who will I see?

Dr Tina Liu-Campbell has been medically trained in sedation for many years. She works full time at Love the Dentist Mobberley and can offer sedation alongside providing dental treatment. Her chairside approach is gentle and reassuring, with the ability to put her patients at ease instantly.

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