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Samantha Stevens


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Samantha Stevens



Dental Therapist

Mobberley / Chester

Expert Field: Composite Bonding

Sam joined the team at the start of 2020, just as the pandemic hit and changed the dental world as we knew it, with a determination to continue to deliver safe treatment through the early stages of Covid-19. She qualified December 2012 at the university of Liverpool, going on to complete an advanced course in composite bonding.

She has a deep love for good oral hygiene, and ensures that every one of her patients’ gums are in optimal health. By using the latest technology in ultrasonic scaling, Sam can adapt the frequency to suit individual needs, based on sensitivity, plaque control and gag reflex. 
Her composite bonding skills are world class, using only the best products to help her perfect her craft. The results from her composite bonding are always perfect due to the time that she invests into her patients, listening to their areas of concern, and adapting until they are 100% happy with the finished result.