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At Love the Dentist we have lots of ways to help you look after your smile...


Also known as a ‘check up’ this is our chance to meet you to discuss any problems or concerns you may be experiencing with your teeth and mouth. We will fully examine your teeth, mouth, any soft tissue and your jaw alignment/function.  Your exam will also screen for any signs of Oral Cancer.  We will then fully discuss what we have observed and together come up with any treatment options that may be required.



Similar to an examination but more relevant to a specific type of treatment you may wish to discuss.  Consultations are available free of charge at the practice. Consultations involve discussing your desired treatment or outcome from treatment with your health care professional and discussing the ways to get there.


Known as radiographs these are a type of picture that provide us with an indepth view of the inside of your teeth.  We can quickly diagnose any potential problems of tooth decay, root problems or issues with the bones that support your teeth.


The observation and testing of any problematic teeth or mouth issues will result in a diagnosis to form the best treatment plan for you.


Pain Management

We will reduce or remove the dental pain you are experiencing as quickly as we can using a variety of professional techniques and treatments.  If you are suffering from any facial or dental pain please contact us for an urgent appointment. 

Oral Surgery

You may at times need surgery on your teeth for either removal of bad teeth or other procedures like managing a tooth with a failed root therapy or implant. Our Dentist who specialises in oral surgery will complete your treatment.

Treatment Planning

Following your consultation or examination you and your Dentist will develop a bespoke treatment plan to give you the outcome you want. This includes considering what personal appearance goals you have and working through an effective and manageable way to achieve these. Your oral health is paramount to us and we will always consider the best options and modern techniques to improve it.

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Why our clients love coming to us

I was hoping for a new smile and the difference now is that I feel more confident and I do smile a lot more now.

Lech N

As soon as I came in all the staff and dentists were very welcoming and really, really friendly. It’s just a generally nice and happy place to be and they have helped me get my confidence back.

Wendy B

Thank you so much for giving me and making me smile! You've been amazing and really helped me through a difficult time. Your support and compassion has been much appreciated. You went the extra mile and you didn't have to.


The treatments and service that I have had at this practice have been excellent and they do make it painless.

Joanne H

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