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Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers -- these are porcelain covers for teeth to change the colour or shape of the teeth. Sometimes the teeth may need to have a small amount of tooth surface remove other times veneers can be bonded directly to teeth without any adjustment to the tooth surface. Impression are taken and sent to the laboratory and temporary veneers can be placed the permanent veneers are usually ready within 1 week. Crowns -- correction to improve strength or appearance of teeth. The teeth are prepared and reduced in size around and the whole tooth and impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory. Temporary crowns are placed while the lab makes the final crowns. This process usually takes about 1 week. Two appointments are required. Crowns can be made of different materials. They can be gold coloured tooth coloured with metal or even metal free. White fillings -- gaps or cavities of teeth can be filled with a tooth coloured material that is a strong type of plastic which we call composite. These fillings give the appearance of natural teeth and can be a good looking alternative to silver or gold fillings, or to correct the appearance of teeth or even close gaps between teeth. These are usually placed in one visit directly by the dentist.

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