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Cosmetic Dentistry 

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At Love the Dentist we have lots of ways to help improve your smile...

White Fillings

Cavities or gaps in your teeth can be filled with a strong type of plastic we call composite.  These fillings replicate your natural tooth colour and are a better looking alternative to sliver or gold fillings.  One visit to complete the treatment.

White fillings


Crowns are covers for your teeth.  They improve the strength and appearance of the tooth.  Each crown is created in the laboratory over 1-2 weeks from impression or moulds of your mouth.  Two appointments are required to complete the treatment.  Modern Crowns look very realistic, just like a real tooth and can be a great alternative to broken teeth or old unsightly crowns.

Veneers and Composite Bonding

Veneers are either porcelain or composite covers used to change the colour or alter the shape of your teeth to give you the best possible smile. Mostly veneers can be bonded directly to your teeth.  In some instances your tooth surface may need to be abraised to provide a more effective bond.  Composite veneers can be made directly whilst you are in the chair.  Porcelain veneers require approximately 1 week, impressions are taken and sent to the laboratory.  We provide you with a temporary veneer in this case.

Before and After Composite Bonding Love the Dentist


Cosmetic orthodontics is a little different to orthodontics. We focus on the front 6-8 teeth and won't alter your bite. Your teeth can be gradually moved and aligned with either a fixed appliance or clear aligners (or both!);

Fixed appliances involve placing tooth coloured brackets on your teeth and a wire running through that is changed/tightened every month or so to slowly pull the teeth into the position you want. 

Clear aligners are durable, clear mouth trays that initially replicate the shape of your teeth. There are several aligners made with each one slightly changing the layout of your teeth, so that with every new one placed - usually every 2 weeks - they gradually move your teeth into the position that is desired. 

Anything that requires a change in the way you bite would require an orthodontic referral. This is why it is so important to have a consultaion to ensure you receive the right treatment for your teeth. 


Implants can be used to replace missing teeth and consist of two parts.
The first is a titanium attachment that is placed in the bone of the upper or lower jaw. Once this has attached to the bone the second part can then be inserted. This is usually a crown or bridge that gives the appearance of a healthy tooth. Modern implants have a very high success rate.
Free consultations are available.


Bridge(s) are a way of replacing missing teeth by using teeth on either side of the gap. A bridge can be attached to just one tooth on one side without any preparation to the teeth.  A bridge is fixed and is not normally removable from the mouth. Free consultations are available.


Dentures are metal based or acrylic devices to replace missing teeth. Sometimes called a palate this can either have a clasp that grips on to remaining teeth or an acrylic extension that covers the roof of your mouth to hold the denture in place. They are very stable and usually allow eating and speaking with no issues.


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Why our clients love coming to us

The treatments and service that I have had at this practice have been excellent and they do make it painless.

Joanne H

Thank you so much for giving me and making me smile! You've been amazing and really helped me through a difficult time. Your support and compassion has been much appreciated. You went the extra mile and you didn't have to.


As soon as I came in all the staff and dentists were very welcoming and really, really friendly. It’s just a generally nice and happy place to be and they have helped me get my confidence back.

Wendy B

I was hoping for a new smile and the difference now is that I feel more confident and I do smile a lot more now.

Lech N

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