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To keep your breath fresh you must get rid of any gum disease whilst keeping your mouth clean and fresh. If you do have bad breath, try keeping a diary of all the foods you eat and list any medicines you are taking. Take this diary to your dentist, who may be able to suggest ways to solve the problem.

Interdental cleaning

Brushing teeth and gums twice daily is extremely important in maintaining a healthy mouth. Without cleaning in-between your teeth you are only cleaning 60% of your tooth surface. Plaque bacteria and food debris gets trapped in between teeth and can stagnate and cause bad breath – our Dental Hygienist will show you how to clean in-between teeth effectively to prevent bad breath - as part of your hygiene session you will be shown a variety of cleaning aids and advised on which would work best on you. For example

  • floss
  • super floss
  • interdental brushes
  • flossettes

all of which can be purchased from our reception at the end of the session.

Bad breath could be caused by a tooth that has dental decay. Plaque bacteria and food debris can get trapped in a tooth cavity, stagnate and cause bad breath - book in with one of our Dentists to check for decay and plaque.

Chewing sugar-free gum helps your mouth produce saliva and stops it drying out. A dry mouth can lead to bad breath.

If you continue to suffer from bad breath visit your dental team to check that's it's not caused by a more serious underlying problem.

If the Dentist or Hygienist feel that the oral malodour arises from anywhere other than the mouth they will suggest seeing your GP.


If you suffer from unhealthy gums and teeth you may be risking and unhealthy hearty and body.  Our Dental Health Care Professionals can clean your teeth and gums with hand scalers and ultrasonic scalers and ultimately prolong the life of your teeth and keep your mouth healthy.

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

We routinely provide help and advice on how to look after your teeth and gums to keep your mouth fresh and healthy.

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Everything has improved greatly. Years ago it was a chore to go to the dentist, but here they are so good with you. You don’t have to worry about anything. It’s a really good experience.

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