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Composite Bonding

Why choose Composite Bonding?

Love the Dentist offers composite bonding for patients seeking to improve their cosmetic smile in Mobberley and Cheshire. Composite bonding is most commonly used to repair a chipped, broken, or cracked tooth, as well as to build more shape onto a malformed, misaligned or stunted tooth. While porcelain veneers are caps that fit over the whole tooth, composite bonding crafts on top of the natural tooth in buildable amounts. This method lets us choose whether to treat specific problem areas, or the whole tooth. We can achieve bespoke shaping and shade-match the composite to your smile, so your cosmetic dentistry looks subtle and undetectable. We can do this with you in our dentist’s chair, and the teeth require minimal/no preparation, unlike their porcelain counterparts.

Composite bonding at Love the Dentist mobberleyComposite bonding at Love the Dentist mobberleyComposite bonding at Love the Dentist mobberley

How is Composite Bonding placed?

Composite materials vary hugely, we only use the most premium which is hard wearing and strong, whilst having the aesthetic appearance of enamel. Before applying the composite, the teeth are cleaned and dried well. When applying the composite, it is initially soft and shareable, enabling the dentist to craft it into the shape desired. It is then hardened using a process known as curing, under a bright light. Finally, the composite is polished to perfection for that lasting shine.


Who is suitable to receive Composite Bonding?

Because the material is buildable, composite bonding suits those patients who are either seeking to improve small areas of their natural teeth or their whole teeth at a time.

To ensure we offer you the right treatment options and costings, we offer a 60-minute consultation with one of our highly skilled dentists. During this time, they can discuss your smile and how you would like to fix / enhance it. The options available to you, to achieve the smile that you desire are then outlined in detail. Included in this consultation are any X-rays required to check the health of your teeth and the bone levels, which is an important factor when considering cosmetic changes.

Composite bonding at Love the Dentist mobberley

Composite Bonding Packages are available for every level of desire - All of our packages include a Hygiene appointment with Airflow Stain Removal, in surgery and home Whitening and an Essex retainer to help protect your new smile.

Transform your smile and book your cosmetic dentistry consultation today Contact Us, call us directly on 01565 874009, send us an email to, or visit our dentist in Mobberley for more information.

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Why our clients love coming to us

When I first came here I felt very relaxed. If anyone is nervous about going then I think they wouldn’t if they came here. It’s very friendly and very warm.

Victoria G

Everything has improved greatly. Years ago it was a chore to go to the dentist, but here they are so good with you. You don’t have to worry about anything. It’s a really good experience.

Rowland L

Thank you so much for giving me and making me smile! You've been amazing and really helped me through a difficult time. Your support and compassion has been much appreciated. You went the extra mile and you didn't have to.


As soon as I came in all the staff and dentists were very welcoming and really, really friendly. It’s just a generally nice and happy place to be and they have helped me get my confidence back.

Wendy B

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